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Split pin out and bolts removed, the centre stand spindle will not move. 2 days of penetrating oil made no difference, nor heat from my paint stripper. Any suggestions?

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Is it a tube or solid steel?

The tube type like my 400 are a nightmare.

This was a common problem with the C90’s and probably other models too, although with these clamped at both ends it’s surprising. The answer with the C90’s was to take a thin cutting disc and cut between frame and stand at both ends, sacrificing the pin, then once off either getting in a press to remove pin or in extreme cases splitting top tube of stand to open up with cutting disc then welding back up.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Are you working with a bare frame - l hope so?

With my hollow tube type it involved cutting through the wall of the tube by threading a saw blade throught the tube. I did  two slots roughly opposite in the hope the tube would fall out - no such luck.

Even then I had to resort to using an electric drill with a hammer only option to shock the inside of the tube with a chisel . The impact eventually gave some movement that enabled the penetrating oil to do its work. It took several hours over a couple of days to finally get it out. My replacement was a solid pin type on the 400.

My 500 stand pin was in good condition & came out without difficulty.

Mines came out ok using the hacksaw blade trick that Ted mentioned.

When off I drilled the stand and threaded a hole for a grease nipple.

Good luck



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