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Kick start woes....

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I have been deliberating over this topic and before I go much further, I would appreciate some thoughts!
Engine in and various ancillaries installed. Now with the fixed starter switch, I can turn the engine over with ease.
The problem comes trying to use the kick start. With the clutch engaged and the gearbox in neutral, the kick start appears to be locked. Disengage the clutch and the kick start works (but obviously not turning the crank!) Bike is still on my bike lift.

I have had the clutch basket off a few times and can't see where the issue may be.

Any thoughts?

Laverda Dave:
The problem sounds like it's in the kickstart shaft and ratchet system Matt. Have you had it apart for cleaning etc? From memory the cast lug of the ratchet system presses up against a cast boss on the crankcase half with the 'U' shape of the wire locating tang going into the opening of the casting. This is all put in before tensioning the kickstart main spring. Was the system fully working before it was taken apart? I remember some time ago a forum member found the crankcase casting was broken where the cast lug located and it was sitting in the bottom of the case. I'm sure they had it welded back on and all was fine. Hopefully yours is still in tact but it does sound to me like it's all in that area and not the clutch or gearbox at fault.

Nurse Julie:
Matt, if you go to page 16 of Hettie build thread, there are 2 photos of the kick start gubbins, internal and external.

Surely, if the kicks starts works with the clutch disengaged and it spins the the clutch basket, then I would have thought the issue was somewhere with the clutch.
I'm just trying to understand where the issue might be before I dismantle yet again...

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
I have a nagging feeling this issue has appeared here before in the last 12 months or so on a 500?,29541.0.html


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