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I've been asked to have a look at a few bikes which belonged to a great friend here in Orkney who has passed away, with a view to them being offered for sale.  There is a CB500T, a CX500 and a CB750.  The first two are no real problem to me but I know 4/5 of bugger all about 750s.  All three bikes (and there are others to go eventually) haven't been run for a couple of years and brakes are stuck and the throttle doesn't turn on the 750 so all will need re-commissioning.
Can someone advise which model of 750 this is please?  Condition-wise the 750 is good but not perfect but has a full set of 341s, a small dent in an otherwise good front guard and a shallow dent in the tank on one side. A US bike with a big rear light, chrome mount and large indicators?

A ball park figure would help for moving it on - I realise it's only worth what someone is prepared to pay!

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Nurse Julie:
Looks like a USA 1976 K6 in Candy Antares Red.
Edit... If the VIN tag on the headstock shows a build date of 1975, it could be a K5.
Edit, Edit 😊😊😊 Must be a K6 as the USA K5's came in Planet Blue and Flake Apricot.

Depends if it is uk reg with v5 mate, if you want to pm the frame ans engine numbers i will look them up in my us id book for you


    Green clocks, Antares Red would indicate a K6

Thanks for the info folks, yes Bryan it was probably imported nearly 20 years ago and has a V5.  If I was looking for a 750 (which I'm definitely not) then this is the sort of bike I would be happy to have a go at.  Still has DID rims, excellent fork ears and looks unmolested.  Don't think I like the plastic based seat or m/cyl cap and definitely needs a battery, full carb strip, brake overhaul etc.
I'll get the engine/frame numbers Bryan and send a pm.



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