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Hoping for a bit of education / advice on replacement bearings if possible.
Working an an XT250 which has had a tough life and various bits of damage in the bottom end so I'm looking to replace most of the bearings as a couple felt a bit notchy.
I can find like for like bearings for most of them online at pretty reasonable costs but there are two bearings that have an 'SH' marking on them and I can't figure out what importance this has.
It seems from Googling that this denotes a heat treatment of some kind but the bearing companies I've checked with haven't had any detail or advice and just suggest going with the standard bearing and ignore the 'SH' bit.
I think this may be what others do - as an example Yambits show a replacement bearing for one of the SH ones (no detail on the exact bearing in the description of course) and it's only about £10 so I'm guessing it is an economy bearing of the standard type at that cost.
Maybe someone has some experience on this which would be really appreciated.

Depends which bearings have the sh

One is on the crankshaft - need to check on the other one

Koyo do DH bearings in lots of sizes. They are heat treated so maybe worth a look at their catalogue when looking.

A little bit of info in this Koyo pdf.


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