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Where does this go?

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Left over in the tray from when the 400 was stripped is the part below:

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Anyone know where it should live? Of course the PO could have fitted it but it does look commercially made....

Laverda Dave:
I've never seen that on a 400/4 Matt. It looks like an earth wire of some sort.

Laverda Dave:
Unless it's a home made replacement earth wire that goes from the starter solenoid to the battery? All the ones I have ever seen though are black and have a bigger terminal on one end to fit the battery.

Could be a homemade earth wire for inside the headlamp.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Looks like an added extra earth wire to me as well,
oddly enough I have a similar one left over from my 500 build except it's the same cable diameter as the battery earth.


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