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New frame/engine bolts. What type?

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I am buying this kit soon for my CB550F 1977. For the long bolts, I can choose between dome, full hex, nyloc or toothed flange. Which version would you guys recommend I go with? Which would be the most "correct" version?

- Alex

I personally wouldn't buy that kit at all Alex. The long top bolt is not supposed to be threaded at both ends, it's a normal bolt with a head at one end and a nut at the other.

Socket bolts as engine hangers is also a poor idea, cheaper and easier to just buy normal stainless bolts if that's what you like.

Thanks! It’s the only set I have been able to find that mounts the engine to frame. My own bolts is rather beat up, rusted and half of them not original. Is there any others sets you know of that could be an option?

Don’t know about the long bolts but I have used a combination of bolts from Kay fast and Middletons. Take care to get matching bolt and nut thread pitch sizes. The markings can be filed or ground off if required and polish up very well

If it's the only way of sourcing the long mounting studs/bolts the your bike your choice. There are a couple of sets on UK ebay. I'd choose the hex head to look slightly standard.


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