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MY 400F FOR SALE - SALE £3500 ono

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new oldun:
FOR SALE My Honda CB400F -  SALE £3500
Owned for 27 years, but I just don’t ride it any more so it needs a new owner.
Registered for Historic Tax. MOT until May 2024 (one advisory, now fixed).
Includes 2 keys, a Honda Owners manual and a Haynes Workshop manual.
It has electronic ignition, but I still have the original backplate.
Included is a period chrome rack and a set of original Honda clocks (I think the ones on it are from a Yamaha).
I recommissioned it last Winter and the bike shop did the rest to get it through an MOT.
For sale £3,500 ono

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Only 33 miles covered in the last 11 years - as you say not used much unless the Mot mileages were recorded on the two different speedometer heads!

new oldun:
Hi Ted. Yes the 33 miles are on the same clocks over the last eleven years. Ten of those miles were ridden by Chris at the bike shop when he did a shakedown run prior to getting the MOT sorted earlier this year!! The Yamaha clocks were on the bike when I bought it way back when. I stripped an old CJ250T years ago and took the clocks off that in case I wanted to put it back to its original style clocks.
I recommissioned it years ago with a view to riding it then, but as the mileage shows, that didn't happen. I ended up storing it at the back of the garage and putting it on a SORN.  :(

I will buy your engine bars if you want to sell them :-), regards Peter

...yes, he does. £3500 (with free bike attached)...🙂


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