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Wiring harness prices?


Hi all!  I am in the US for the next few months and want to buy a new wiring harness to install when we go back to the UK in April.  I see harnesses that are listed as "aftermarket" harnesses with the prices varying from as low as around 70 USD to 125 USD.  They look exactly the same to me.   A few of the listings state that their harness is made in Taiwan, others don't mention the origin at all.

Does anyone know if there is really any difference in the various harnesses or is it the same harness from Taiwan that everyone is selling at different prices?  They all claim to "exactly" match the OEM harness as far as wire color and connectors.

I don't have a problem spending more for better quality but I don't want to spend more to get the same thing!  :)

Before you buy an aftermarket from us check with big all on here as he makes them and they fit, he may be slightly dearer but
1 it will fit, work and be correct
2 he will give fantastic after service
3 supports a forum member

BigAl (Alan):
The aftermarket wire harnesses produced in Taiwan are much cheaper than what I can produce them for.
Personally, I have not seen that many, so cannot confirm on the quality.
Image attached of the CB500 K1,K2 rec/alt sub-loom. All my looms are assembled in the UK


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