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mo goldie:
Hi Guy`s
where is the best place to get a set of the 7 Friction clutch plates for the 67`Ko Bomber and springs ?

Been looking on the net searching but come up with D/S he has two original's left and 20 + of the patten ones....... are the patten one`s any good.

Oh could not find the spring tho ?  and still looking for the rear Light len`s he has them but patten ones...if they are any good ?  ;D



I always go for EBC clutch plates Mo .. Think these are suitable but CHECK with them first if you consider buying EBC.

The original Stanley marked rear lamp is hard to find but fitted to a few models like late CB92, CB72/77, S90 etc so a few around if you search hard enough. Probably nothing wrong with the pattern ones other than the lack of the Stranley markings.

mo goldie:
are ok thanks Ash

I will try them in the morning see what they say ...don`t know if they do springs too but will ask.

mo goldie:
Hi, Ash
had been waiting all day for the EBC link you gave me to get back and they did to say they do not do them for the Black bomber and they are Not EBC they said they just sele the kits but as I say Not for the Black Bomber tho >:(

so I went to Wemoto and they do the kit and the springs By EBC ...who would have thought that ha LOL.

so hope that will be ok as I have Not had a conformation Email yet............ But it did say for the `67 Black Bomer.

oh just looked again and got this :(
Non Stock Item Ordered On Request Only well looks like this might be a dud too ha :(

Oh are the TRK clutch plates any good as they have them ?

If you down load the 500K1 parts book from Ash stash there is a handwritten notation on the clutch page about using 450 plates for some reasn, which means you could use 500 ones.
Cant remember what it says but i know its there cos it was me that scanned it


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