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Mineral oil and change routine.

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The 10W40 mineral oil we are supposed to use I gather has a much shorter life than synthetic oils, but we do have rather large sumps. How often do you change your oil?

I work to Honda, every 1500 miles or once a year whicher comes first
Honda say filter every other change but i do it every change.

The size of sump and mineral or synthetic dont matter a stuff, its the gearbox and rich carbs wreck the oil!

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
I change my 400 oil every year as I have not yet covered close to 1000 miles.

I change mine every 1,500 miles, I do about 2,000 miles a year. Strangely though last time I changed it I couldn’t get anything like the 3-5 litres drained out of it.

I am using VMCC 10w-40 oil for mine, good price

Previously used Eurocar parts
own brand triplex 10-40

Seems to work OK,

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