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SteveD CB500K0:
Many years ago I started a "Mugshots" thread on .net (actually it was started by Raul in Spain - and it was 2005)

There are now 29 pages of them.

I think its about time we had one on here...


SteveD CB500K0:
Me in 1976, President of the University Bike Club and proud 500/4 owner (see avatar)

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Me now...

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UK Pete:
Here ya go steve
me when i was 15 standing by my cd 175 totally illegal to ride but WTF i was riding on the roads from the age of 14  illegally, yes i know how responsible but hey i have been obsessed with bikes for as long as i remember and was a bit of a rebel then

Here i am now---------------------ooops sorry thats not me

me 35 years later up the ace cafe with a pal and my misses

1981 at the parachute centre.
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2014 at the parachute centre, I haven't changed a bit.
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1979......my goodness I time's not been good to me


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