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SOHC Singles & Twins / 1980 CB250RS Project.
« on: November 26, 2023, 09:20:36 PM »
Picked up a 1980 CB250RS Single this week. Always fancied one since I saw the restored one in Classic Mechanics a few years back. Been off the road since 1991 and spent the last few months under a tarp outside. Taken off the road  because it had burned out a valve and done 50k miles. A bit of a change for me as my latest year model bike is a '75 CB400F .. But I had to save it!  ::)

Like most of my bikes I got the silencers before getting the bike and had these made directly by Brituro, rather than from David Silvers.  We literally chucked the bike in the back of my mates van on Thursday and I won't have chance to fully asses it until I go to my mates warehouse (where I do my painting) on Wednesday. Even though the bike comes with a spare head, in unknown condition, I bit the bullet and bought a NOS head with valves inlet rubber etc, plus a NOS cover with the rockers etc. fitted and NOS cylinder barrel. This should hopefully save me a load of grief. I picked up these bits today near Easingwold York and the seller included a surprise freebie pair of wheels and a spare seat. The bike comes with a spare set of wheels (and CDi) but I suspect that these freebie wheels are in better nick and the spokes with replate fine at home. I bought a lovely crank and gearbox/selector parts from DK but the b*ggers have lost one parcel with the gearbox bits in it >:( It is shown as being in transit via DHL but oddly no tracking given. They refuse to discuss this over the phone and will only communicate via eBay messaging. I wanted them to ship everything together but they refused, saying one part may possibly damage the other in transit.

The great thing about this model is that there is hardly any chrome on it and I now feel confident enough to paint it myself in pearl blue original colour. Piki on here is kindly supplying the decals although I am going to paint the stripes myself.

Laverda Dave has been a  fantastic source of help to me on this model and has some spares to trade. Thanks Dave !  If anyone else has decent parts then I will pay a decent price.

I bought a late version of the parts book for £20 in fantastic condition and I hope to scan it sometime and share with others in my Dropbox links. It  covers the early and later e-start models.

Feast yer eyes on these NOS top end parts ... they don't come along every day of the week ! Cost ££££ but it's only money. Pics of the bike to follow but be warned it's not at all pretty  :-[

Misc / Open / One for Oddjob
« on: November 06, 2023, 04:01:12 PM »
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CB350/400 / 400 Generator Cover Finish
« on: October 31, 2023, 06:35:18 PM »
Anyone any ideas on the original finish on the 400F generator cover.

The part is stamped 333 on the inside, which is the 350F part ref. and I know that the 350F one was clear coated. However, I am not convinced that the 400F was the normal silver lacquer and was deffo not just clear coated polished alloy (like the 500/4). Attached is the 377 400 part NOS from DS.

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The next image is from the 'Push Miles' F2 auctioned off a while back. However, not convinced that the bike was truly an unmolested original.

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CB72/77, CB450K0, CB160 handlebar switches or just parts left & right sides.

Not bothered about condition as I can restore as long as no nasty gravel rash.

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CB500/550 Main Bearing Shells x 4 13318-323-000 Genuine NOS In Honda Packing.

Bearing 'D'  Yellow

 £48 for the four plus £4 postage

NLA from Honda and neither DS or CMS have any stock.

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£1250 if sold 'as is' Not a bad buy if you are looking for a small twin to restore.

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Other bikes here:

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Does anyone know what the differences are between the body of the CB750K0 brake master cylinder and the late 500/4 400/4 variants?
I know that the  early 750 had the adjustable stop arrangement and the later one had the rubber cushion insert and plate arrangement. Plus the cap on the early bike was dished on top and didn't have the DOT emblem on it. However, by tapping the hole in the later one I dare say you could replicate the original stud and lock-nut arrangement on a later body.

I have an early 750 one with decent un-pitted bore but some idiot PO has drilled out the tiny hole inside the reservoir. I wonder if that could have an insert put into it with the same size hole dia. There are brass inserts similar to this in the tops of Honda CV carbs (under the diaphragm/piston assembly). I  think I read somewhere that Vic World has master cylinders re-lined but never heard of a repair on the tiny hole in the reservoir chamber.

CB500/550 / 550F1/F2 downpipes
« on: October 01, 2023, 08:06:11 PM »
Saw these if anyone looking for used genuine downpipes

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CB500/550 / Seen this part in Parts book never the actual part itself.
« on: October 01, 2023, 11:17:53 AM »
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CB350/400 / Length of 400F rear brake rod
« on: October 01, 2023, 08:54:40 AM »
I had a whole bunch of Honda rear brake rods re-zinced last year and hard to identify some of them as they look pretty similar in a few cases.

Can anyone tell me the overall length of the 400F one please?

Misc / Open / CB160 / Bike Courier
« on: September 19, 2023, 08:20:01 AM »
My mate Jim from Beverley just won this CB160  (had one myself in '75 the T shirt .. deffo won't be getting another one   ;D )

Wonder if Laverda Dave was bidding too?  ;D

The cheapest quote he has had for a courier from Portsmouth to Beverley (E.Yorks) is £240 .. is that the going rate?

Misc / Open / Matching Keys
« on: September 14, 2023, 01:41:13 PM »
Trying to match keys to ignition and early steering lock (NOT the Nieman type as fitted to CB400F) and seat locks. So one key fits everything.
I managed to remove the tumbler pins and springs for the old style steering lock and pretty sre I can adjust the three pins lengths  to sit an ignition key.
However, not so sure how you get access to the tumbler pins on the 400F type seat lock. Anyone done this?

Recently I have heard bad reports from Trigger and Hondasan on here about front hydraulic brake switches on Honda 4's ... I believe pattern parts .. not sure... which cause excessive front brake sponginess.

So I decided to refubish my originals. I sealed off the inlet port and connectors using adhesive lined heat-shrink and stripped  the old plating then DIY re-plated BZP. This worked really well but the yellow chromate dip was very patchy. This is the toxic chromate type, which I bough about ten years ago but must admit I got the same poor results when it was new. I don't think DIY plating companies now supply this because of its chromic acid content. Has anyone used the modern alternatives that the likes of Gateros and YouPlate supply? I will contact Gateros anyway and ask for advice on the old gold passivate they used to sell. The other stuff for the bluish passivate works fine and was purchased at the same times as the gold, again it's the toxic content type.

More successful was the front solid brake line. Honda now supply the --317-- part with olive drab finish but the  finish was BZP originally. I got a pattern one of these from Honda Classics (Roger Etcell) and nothing chemical I have in my arsenal would remove the coating on the pipe (i.e. 'proper' paint stripper, acid zinc remover or any solvents). I reckon it may be an olive drab finish coated with some kind of 2k clear coat that is hydraulic fluid resistant. Anyway I chemically stripped the BZP fittings and removed the olive finish mechanically. I then re-plated everything BZP and it now looks like the original Honda part supplied when the bikes were new.
Before I dipped it in anything,  I sealed the pipe bore with suitable plastic plugs I made up to stop anything corrosive getting inside of the pipe.

Anorak's Corner / CB400F CB250G5 Original Style Rear Sprocket Renovation
« on: September 11, 2023, 08:07:27 AM »
I found on my 400 renovated in 1986 that I had used a new rear sprocket (pattern but with wrong cutout holes) and drilled and tapped it M6 to fit the sprocket chain guard ring with domed cap screws. I had painted the ring in black 'PJ1' style paint.

Fast forward to last week I found that  I had a spare original rear sprocket guard ring, which I had attempted to have plated in the original finish (Zinc plated with a really dark green zinc passivate) but it had somehow got splashed with something during 'storage' and the finish was ruined  :( .  I remember having it re-plated by Allenchrome in Pocklington but they no longer do small-batch plating for bikes etc.

I dug out an original but all over slightly corroded, original compete 400/4 rear sprocket, that I got with a batch of stuff from the estate of an elderly Chinese gentleman down 'sarf' . Story was that he had bought the remains of a 400/4 from 'The House of Wheels' in Leytonstone'  (anyone remember them in the '70s  :D)  that had been crashed with only 600 miles on the clock (Kettle738 got the engine and sold it to a guy in Lincolnshire .. no not Trigger or Julie!). So I set about renovating this '600 mile only' sprocket to use on my 400F.

I decided not to de-rivet the guard from the sprocket. I de-greased it and  masked the exposed parts of the alloy rivets with thick paint and then dunked it in acid to remove the old plating (i.e BZP on the sprocket and the olive drab passivate on the the guard ring. After cleaning all of the remaining corrosion and a dip in 'acid salts' as used in home plating kits, I bright zinc plated the whole assembly and it turned out surprisingly nice as it's a beefy old bit of kit to home electroplate (about 7 amps plating current). I usually restrict home electroplating to much smaller items and send the big stuff out. However, this is a prime example where a commercial plater typically  wouldn't plate anything riveted together with aluminium and where DIY plating comes into it's own.

Next step it to mask off the sprocket so I can finish the guard ring. I mixed up some dark grey etch primer pigmented with green to match the original olive drab colour of the Honda part and I will spray the ring with it. Next I will apply a really thin layer of the Mipa clear-coat I used on my alloy hubs with some matting agent / reducer in it. Will report back show pic's when it's done.

This style of sprocket , .. i.e. with riveted on guard ring .... was used on the CB250/360G5 as well. Not sure about the later model CB550/750's

Just wondering what others on here do as there are some pretty picky 400F members on here?  I know DS sells repro's but they are around £120  described as 'one for the purist' .. well the purist here says that the ring finish on the DS one looks mighty like black colour (paint?) to me, not dark olive-drab like the original.

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