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CB500/550 / Crankcase breather on CB500 K1
« on: February 18, 2024, 09:42:48 AM »
What is the correct route for the breather pipe from the cam top vent?
Anyone know what length of pipe I need shop manual does not say?
My outlet faces rearwards.

Humour / Too true today!
« on: February 14, 2024, 10:50:30 AM »
This made me smile hope the photo is legible.

Other Bikes / How do I value a Maicoletta Scooter?
« on: February 10, 2024, 11:04:02 PM »
A bike has come up for sale a restored Maico but how on  earth do I work out it's  actual value when there are so few on the market?
It's up for offers over £4,000 looks very tidy in the photo - that said it's not popular on the used market like the 400 for example. Fewer nostalgic owners too as there were not many in the UK.

I want to give the MIssus some Roses for Valentines Day whats the best number  6, 12, 24 or go the whole hog and give her the full Tin?

I have been reading up on the Maico Letta 250 Scooter that I owned as a teenager fighting the nostalgia trap at present.
I knew the electric starter always sounded strange - it rocks the engine rather than turns it over!
Made me wonder if this was used on any proper motor cycle engines in the past.

The old shaped  petrol Smart four two run out model used the alternator to operate the stop start system with a normal starter motor for normal & cold starting.

Other Bikes / Not really a bike but it has two wheels - future project.
« on: January 26, 2024, 06:55:20 PM »

Not for sale but..............

.Maico Letta by Macabe Thiele, on Flickr

Misc / Open / Bahco adjustable spanner - Sept 2023 Classic Bike article
« on: January 17, 2024, 12:40:01 PM »
Just been reading a bunch of bike mags given to me by my BiL Dave - on the outer cover was the photo of half a spanner.

Went to page 54 where an article expounded the virtues of a well made adjustable spanner by BAHCO - that rings a bell I thought so nipped into my cold garage - there on my tool rack hangs an adjustable spanner that belonged to my late father.

I can't put an exact date when mine was made  it but I think I was sort of given it sometime around 1975 - model 972  10" so an earlier version of the 8072 featured in the article. I always knew it was the best adjustable I have ever used just did not know why.

CB350/400 / Sump plug torque setting - can't find it
« on: January 14, 2024, 08:47:31 PM »
Just doing an oil & filter change on the 400 - oil looked clean on the dip stick - it's suitably black in my catch tray.
No sign of any metal on the magnetic sump bolt so pleased with that.

I have the Torque setting for the oil filter bolt but can't find one for the 400 sump bolt anyone know the setting please ?

I'm having a tidy up in my loft - my 400 came with  a newish Motad exhuast system. The PO gave me the old 400 front pipe in case I wanted to revert it to original.

There are no holes in the original front pipe but the chrome has gone particularly on the rear of number three down pipe with one down pipe slighly scuffed/damaged numer 4 pipe. (see pics)

Is this front pipe of any use to a member here or do I put it out for our local Albanian scrap collectors ?

pic 2 by Macabe Thiele, on Flickr
.pic 3 by Macabe Thiele, on Flickr

pic 4 by Macabe Thiele, on Flickr

CB500/550 / What is this part - just a bag ?
« on: December 30, 2023, 01:21:41 PM »
There is a nifty little plastic door in my seat pan for the service book.

The part number I have is 77251-342-000 for Bag,Service Book is this just for an empty plastic bag?

Are new service books available as it does not seem to be listed?

My  BiL called in this morning for the Christmas present exchange visit as Wendy was out - he says I might need to buy an Ariel Leader as I mentioned it in more than once  in conversations in the last year - I owned two back in the 1960's as well as an Arrow.
Gutless compared to modern two strokes with none existent brakes. That said they seem to be pretty cheap still.
He has a mate with a rusting BSA in his shed that is a Road Rocket 650 - he had never heard of the model!

I've been googling Leaders for sale .................

CB350/400 / 400F fork oil capacity question.
« on: December 17, 2023, 01:06:23 PM »
The manual here says 105 cc for replacement / 125 cc from strip down.
Quite a few sites mention 145-150 cc.
I did wonder if there were variations in volumes due to any change in the design of the fork internals.
Can't rely on the fluid I removed as a measurement as one side was very low.

I'm intending to use 10W fork oil.

Misc / Open / Knowing my route home ain't as easy as it once was
« on: December 12, 2023, 11:48:10 AM »
We have lived in our house since 1984 so you would think I know my local routes when returning home.
Trouble is what was once a relatively small suberb of Derby has grown so much with all the extra housing and development of spare strips of land - I reckon the housing stock has roughly quadroupled or more in the last 39 years.

Some through roads are now dead ends, some dead ends are now through roads, some road junctions have changed priority not to mention lanes to roundabouts having markings altered every  few decades.

I have taken a turn too soon and ended up in a cul-de-sac or missed my turn completely in the dark.
Old lamdmarks have changed as saplings have turned into huge trees plus they have errected mobile phones masts, landmark pubs have gone, once barren roundabouts are now small woods.

Even worse when I take a rare trip into the City Centre - my mental map was drawn up when I passed my test back in 1965- since then I moved away for a few years. One-Way systems have come and gone there are roads where if you stop to let out a passenger (e.g.Railway Station) you end up with a Fixed Penalty Ticket even at night when the roads are empty.  Little wonder I ocasionally find myself on the wrong slip road heading in the wrong direction to find a small business that has become marooned by the developments in the City Centre. I know exactly where Clarke Street is. I could not give anyone directions but in a series of wrong routes I manage to eventually find it.

No wonder I ask myself if all my lifts still go upstairs. 8) 8) 8)

CB500/550 / Front Disc/Hub Bolts x 6
« on: December 02, 2023, 05:38:55 PM »
My six bolts that secure  the front disc to the hub are in pretty good condition - they look like they are chromed as there was a hint of rusting that cleaned off with some chrome cleaner (no markings on the bolt heads) - the nuts however are very dull presumably originally BZP or similar?

Can I use SS nuts instead or is there an issue in mixing the metals or the ability to torque up correctly?

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