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Misc / Open / Re: Freddie Flintoff’s Bandit trike
« on: September 13, 2019, 01:26:37 PM »
They often use what are known as Banshee engines which as said, are heavily reworked LC motors. 70+ brake seem to remember too.

Misc / Open / Phil Read Rep Spotted
« on: September 06, 2019, 09:45:36 AM »
Just seen someone in Bakewell on red Phil Read Rep. Rare bike to see. Anyone on here?

Humour / Re: Aussie Chariot Racing
« on: August 30, 2019, 09:18:26 PM »
They must have large cahonies under those togas! Well impressive.

Humour / Re: Dipstick...
« on: August 01, 2019, 07:44:15 AM »
Read something on Google news about Citroen factorties taken over by the Nazis in th the war. Not wanting to help but forced to, they thought what they could do to slow things. Simply made new dipstick with level mark lower, giving impression oil level ok .... But not!

Project Board / Re: 750 K1 project
« on: July 15, 2019, 06:46:57 PM »
I've not posted anything on this thread for some time, things have progressed slowly but my motor , now Trigger has sorted the top end out for me,  is now ready to be fitted into the frame. Wheels are done just waiting for tyres, zinc plating done, chrome plating done, powder coating done. Left to do is paintwork, find a few parts that were missing or beyond repair and begin saving up for a full exhaust system, oh and probably replace most of the rubber parts that are rock hard. Things are beginning to get exciting, should have a rolling chassis soon!
That's impressive mate, well done. My parts that I collected from T and J with yours on the same day are still on my bench untouched (but wrapped carefully to stop dust and dirt Trig!!). You have too much time on your hands!! :P

Out & About / Re: Barton bike night
« on: July 11, 2019, 07:32:34 PM »
Hi All,
        Barton upon Humber bike night (the biggest in the UK?) has been changed from Wednesday to Saturday and is on this week 13th July, starting at 4pm, several thousand bikes of all types, trade stands or Hog Roasts, whatever turns you on, and only the main road through and bus routes open, the town area is closed to traffic, come and experience the atmosphere.
        I am about 10 minutes walk from town centre.
If there is a Hog roast I'm in, hate Harleys!😀

Seriously, always fancied that but work Saturdays. Would it be worth it 8pm ish from experience?

CB500/550 / Re: Crich Tramway event This Year
« on: July 08, 2019, 07:40:20 AM »
Good to see everyone, great turn out as Julie said considering distances some travelled for many. Hope all had a pleasant and safe trip back. Have to say I was exhausted after the long haul back of 8 miles....😀

Thanks for photos Julie what a fine looking bunch we are!

Misc / Open / Re: The missus wants some space
« on: July 02, 2019, 05:12:39 PM »
Roy touched a raw nerve there with his comments about his Missus.......I was getting ready to go and watch Manchester City play many years ago and my Wife (Ex Wife now) said that she reckoned that I thought more of Manchester City than I did of her.

I rapidly put her right though with this little retort: "Actually, I think more of Manchester United, than I do of you".

We do get on much better now than we ever did when we were married !

Many more women might do well to remember that most blokes who mess around with old bikes/ cars/ boats/ tractors etc etc find that they have no time/ funds or the inclination left to mess around with floozies, jezebels, Women of ill repute and/or any others who might be 'easily' led astray.

You can't have it both those who managed to leave their marriage with just the clothes they were wearing at the time can vouch ! (me included). Hahahahahahaha.
Looking at list of bikes at the bottom of the post, how do you even afford to eat! :P

New Member Introductions / Re: Just saying hello ....
« on: July 02, 2019, 05:01:38 PM »
What you need is the Varnish Blue with rust and smoke detail like mine. Rocketship!

Announcements / Re: Crich Tramway Classic Bike Show 2019
« on: June 28, 2019, 07:04:36 PM »

Just had this through for info. Hope the technology works!!

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Other Bikes / Re: CB200
« on: June 28, 2019, 05:01:33 PM »
Nice one!

Announcements / Re: Crich Tramway Classic Bike Show 2019
« on: June 26, 2019, 06:31:08 PM »
I have been asked to clarify numbers on this for space.

As I see it we have Julie, Graham, Mr Davo and Laverda 120 saying they are coming on bikes. On this basis I have said we will 4-10 in case any turn up on spec or not said they are coming etc.


New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from France
« on: June 22, 2019, 07:51:24 AM »
Near Mayenne, Pays de la Loire. I have just noticed this forum has blocked the word that sounds like "exit", must be rude then.
Ca va, welcome to the forum "neighbour". We have a place about 40k away near Ger. The closest town most people know there is Domfront. The escape to the Chateau place will be near you too. Never had a bike over there but fab roads.  Bon courage avec la 750 et le Bxxxxt!

Other Bikes / Re: Ducati M900 the new toy
« on: June 15, 2019, 03:01:11 PM »
Re baffles... My 900SS was transformed with stock cans and baffles removed. Recommended by Baines racing at the time. Torque and pick up much better. Front wheel got alot lighter too for some reason :P

Other Bikes / Re: 250
« on: June 05, 2019, 07:59:30 AM »
Always found those interestng and like the look. Even with inboard discs etc.... Looks like some work with tank and other bits. Does it run? Interesting to see how you go on with it.

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