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It will still be 6k by the time it's finished though. Well above its retail value. Somebody will get a lot of enjoyment out of building it though.
Nah .. if the tank and seat base are OK you could have that looking spiffing  for a 2.5k spend as long as you did most of the stuff yourself and don't mind pattern silencers from Brituro. . They sold a million of the 250/350k's so loads of bits out there if you do your homework and think globaly for parts particularly in Germany. Most of the rare K0 parts are there. It's colour is wrong (and headlamp bucket should be white) . Tank etc should be solid colour 'Sardine Blue' ... easily painted by an auto sprayer or using RS's excellent rattle cans. Biggest challenge will be finding the missing side panel emblems.

It's rough but so far the price is okay.

Went for just over 1k ...probably about right as it was pretty rough ... really depends if the frame, tank and seat base were badly rusted. A genuine UK bike though and not many around now.  This low mile 'barn find' one was at Newark in Jan 2020 ..the guy was asking £2k but would have come down quite a bit  I think for ready cash.  Just shows that you still get decent stuff at autojumbles though and the power of eBay.

Member 4 Sales / Re: SOLD.....1978 CB550 four F2 £6995
« on: Today at 08:21:59 AM »
Well done on the sale. Sorry we hijacked the thread a wee bit there.

Yes sorry for hijack Julie and well done with such a quick sale .. I have seen that bike a few times and it is truly  stunning with gorgeous paintwork. So much prettier than the F1 paint.

Just found this is 390 silencer is available. Not sure how faithful a repro it is to original but at least someone is having a go at making them.

Member 4 Sales / Re: 1978 CB550 four F2 £6995
« on: April 19, 2021, 10:04:45 PM »
Just found this online about the Harpic 10 thing.
Cleaning motorcycle exhaust headers with HARPIC? DON'T! - YouTube

Watched that and then read this. I think he probably meant the chromium which is in the stainless steel alloy

Cheers Andy ..I will PM you. Please let me know how much plus post.
I will dig you out a battery cover.

Converted the review files into a single .pdf attached (thanks Hairygit for years ago providing me with the app. to do it easily  :) )

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Rare 'Sardine Blue' Honda CB250SS

Needs total restoration though and don't be taken in by the mileage .. it has later metal body clocks on it . The 1968 to 1970 bikes (i.e up to K2) had plastic bodies clocks. This 30 BHP model ate cams and rockers !! Trust me I have stripped a few of those engines.
Looks like later CB250/360G5 silencers fitted but they are fooked anyway  ;)

1968 MCN review here:-

CB750 / Re: Value of an unrestored K0
« on: April 17, 2021, 10:24:03 PM »
Hi James i would say 10k to 12k ? or is that to cheap ? , cheers Mick  ;)
£12k is the figure I had in mind Mick...

Yea I was thinking £12k too James and 10 would be a steal for someone.  What are the other two like? 

I think these are the same as the CJ250 / 360 - I'll check the parts book and if so hopefully may have one on the spare engine.
Haven't had time to touch the bikes for a few weeks with various things going on but I'll try and have a look tomorrow / over the weekend.

That would be great Andy .. Yes the CJ series and G5 models have the same part. Absolutely no panic though.
Do you have the battery top cover on your bike?  .. I have a spare if you don't.

Hi Ash,
They don't look like a big job to make - balls must be easy metric (off the shelf) the plate will be fairly soft - maybe even mild steel.  Are they peened in place but left loose or is it a sandwich?
I could make a couple for you,

I think they have two plates with peened holes that are spot welded together to hold the balls in position. Thanks for the offer Ian but I wouldn't want to put you to that much trouble. I have couple of leads on people who may have a spare so lets see how it pan's out


(Attachment Link)

Have you tried Nurse Julie I had a set off her earlier in the year that were servicable as mine were completely shot as the balls were badly corroded ?

I think you are talking about the 22860-300-006 part fitted to the CB750 and 400F Ted. This is for the CB250/350K a much smaller unit.

CB500/550 / Re: Clocks
« on: April 15, 2021, 08:45:30 AM »
Lovely restored clocks.. a real honour to have Peter Horton as a member on here.

It fascinates me that for quite a few Honda models I own, or have owned,  there are  German variants of the exhausts (mufflers)
Like HMCB750 stamped 'K0' exhausts (instead of HM300's and similarly, for my CB250K0's,  there was a specific German part code. It must have been a nightmare for Honda. When I saw the 'restored' Brighton pre-prod. prototype at the DS CB750 event,  it had HMCB750 stamped NOS pipes on it .... sadly the down-pipes had blued a bit. There were specific main jet needles too for German market bikes. I sold a set of those needles NOS on eBay only for  some 'expert' CB750K0 jerk owner to imply that I had scammed him and no way were they for a 1st model CB750....they definitely  were ...but as clearly detailed in the description, they were for the German market bikes.
Also with the CX500 I had, there were two different variants of silencer for the two different power 'PS' bikes.

I must say though, the general standard of used parts I have bought from Germany has generally been 1st class. I have a lovely S90 seat winging it's way from Germany this week ... just don't know if I will be stung for customs charges yet   :( ... fingers crossed.

Had more than enough of these but..... over the years.... I have been too generous giving them away and now I find I am short of two and now NLA.

Mine have been begged, stolen or borrowed  ;D ;D

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Misc / Open / Re: Old Brochure post /unidentified seat
« on: April 12, 2021, 02:31:45 PM »

Misc / Open / Old Brochure post /unidentified seat
« on: April 12, 2021, 10:40:23 AM »
A great old post for newbies ...fooked up somewhat by Photobucket.,9540.0.html

Looked all over internet trying to identify a seat I have for my 66 S90, which it isn't and think one of Uli's posts may have solved it.

Any ideas chaps?

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