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CB500/550 / Muffler connect rubber insert - alternative?
« on: March 31, 2021, 09:08:29 PM »
Just found that inserts in rubber connecting muffler ends on CB500/550K are broken into pieces. Rubbers are still good.
Honda sells it as kits (rubber+insert) - did anyone find good alternative to OEM inserts?

Looks to me kind of plastic or asbestos ring?

Maybe thick gasket material would do the job?

Any advice welcome

CB500/550 / Part identification (is it from Honda CB?)
« on: March 14, 2021, 01:03:20 PM »
Found this on the floor in my garage when doing cleaning. Seems I'm getting older as my brain cannot retrieve it from memory, just recall I had it in my hands some time ago

Do you know if this part is from Honda CB? (550K1 or 750K7).
It can also be from Skoda car (carb)...

CB500/550 / CB500K-550K-550F cyl. head compatibility and identification
« on: February 20, 2021, 11:00:53 AM »
Went through parts catalogues (CMS), just want to have it confirmed from experts here
I understood, there were 2 PN - 12200-323-010 and later 12200-374-000. Seems there were also 2 types of EX valve guides in production.

- are cylinder heads compatible across all CB500K - 500K - 550F?
- how to identify what head is what PN? Is there some "marking" on head casting allowing that?

Why these questions - I'm preparing for engine rebuild, have possibility to buy set head+cam+valve cover (new type) for good price, but seller is unable to confirm exact head type. Idea is to rebuild that head and swap it on my engine as whole (saving some time) and keep my head as spare for future.

Misc / Open / The Highest Motorcycle Museum burned out 😢
« on: January 19, 2021, 11:37:09 PM »
Maybe you catch his sad news - The Highest Motorcycle Museum (2175m above sea level, located in Tirol, on border Italy/Austria) unfortunately burned in fire.

There was amazing collection of bikes (more than 230, more than 100 brands.. and even some vintage cars). Never been there but was on my list to visit. :'(

Just look on their website - it was beautiful museum on beautiful place!

CB500/550 / CB550K - engine rebuild (partial or full)
« on: October 18, 2020, 09:25:22 PM »
Hello all,

Preparing for engine opening and partial or full rebuild. As I’ll do it for the first time, I’d like to kindly ask for forum experts’ advices/recommendations. I’ll keep thread updated as I’ll proceed. Sorry for long post in advance 😉

Bike is stock CB550K K1, has 17.7k miles total. Engine pulls good as far as I can judge (till 70 mph good, above it not so fast, max speed is about 90-100 MPH)

So let’s start with why I plan this and what I want to address/achieve:

1.   Issue with either camshaft or valve rocker or something else – so need to open valve cover as minimum, more details here,23227.msg208693.html#msg208693. Along with that I want to replace valve cover by new type, that have fixed rocker arm shafts. But need to find it first. Along with that of course new gasket.. Optionally, if it turns out that camshaft needs to be replaced, I’ll try to find one with improved torque or one from CB650. And of course rockers if replacement needed

2.   Rattling noise @idle coming from head-cylinders (pushing clutch makes just little difference). I’ll make video and post it here, maybe you know that noise and its route cause. Bike idles well, ign. set properly, carbs synced

3.   Cam chain replacement

4.   If head will come off – complete head work – cleaning, valve checks, eventually new valve guides, seals, check for flatness / milling … simply taking opportunity that head is off, check/replace all needed. All gaskets / O-ring / seals replacement. Check/replacement of tensioner

5.   If cylinders will come off – replacement of piston rings. I expect bores & pistons will be OK

6.   Splitting cases is big question now – I’d like to fix shifting issue, but still hope this could be caused by mechanism under clutch (?),19775.msg175185.html#msg175185 On the other hand side, having cylinders off, maybe it is good idea to replace all seals, primary chain and check gearbox (?)

Now first questions – before I pull engine and start stripping, any advice what I should do before?

I’m thinking about:
-   leak test (to estimate rings / head status to be confirmed when removed)
-   redo compression test to have reference for comparison after rebuild. Last measurement was: dry: 120/120/110/130 psi, wet (teaspoon oil into each cylinder) : 150/150/145/145 psi
-   detailed inspection of clutch and shifting mechanism under basket – maybe after that case splitting not necessary (?)

Any thoughts / ideas / advices what else I should do before pulling engine / stripping?

CB500/550 / Camshaft identification
« on: September 02, 2020, 11:07:53 PM »
I'm considering buying this camshaft.
Can somebody confirm it is for CB500/500K (I need it for 550 k1)?
Seller says it is maybe race one (?)

CB500/550 / 550K1 - intake valve rocker arm issue on cyl#1?
« on: August 22, 2020, 08:46:32 PM »
Engine - CB550K1 / 1975

Today during break in ride I discovered cause of oil leak - tapper cap on intake (cyl#1) was not tightened fully (strange as I'm sure I tightened it after tapper adj.)
But why - because valve arm is "hitting" cap and making knocking noise :o

I did not have tappet feeler gauge with me, but just checking free play with hand it looked OK, maybe bit too much.
Comparing with intake on cyl#4 it is obvious that tappet adj.screw is "too deep", consequently arm too high and hitting cap (and also nearly hitting cyl head cover...)

See attached pics for comparison, incl. "hammered" points in cap

===>>>  Can someone provide idea what's wrong, why this tappet arm is so high? Worn arm? Worn cam? Or some other issue I should look for?
I'll check other tappets too, but seems only this one tappet/arm has this issue (I did not realised it before when adjusting tappets). Motor has not been opened yet from stock.

Note: Temporary I filed part of tappet cap (wide groove) to allow free arm movement, I still need to arrive home tomorrow (>150 miles), hope it will be fine like that. I'll check tappet adjustments tomorrow on cold engine before I go.

CB750 / piston rings set
« on: March 25, 2020, 05:37:05 PM »
My friend is looking for set of standard piston rings for his K6 - found this one in ebay

But it is not very clear if set contains only rings for 1 piston or for all 4 pistons.

I tried to contact seller but got message "We're sorry we couldn't find an answer for you. Unfortunately this seller is not able to respond to your question. We suggest reviewing the item again to see if your answer is in the seller's listing."

Picture shows set for all 4 pistons but text is not so clear and refers to Honda set that is for 1 piston...

Does anybody experience with this set from cruzinimage_uk?

Misc / Open / Merry Christmas to all
« on: December 24, 2019, 01:02:36 AM »
wish you all  :)

CB500/550 / Boyer micro ignition
« on: October 20, 2019, 01:32:11 PM »
Just installed this ign (using stock coils), first results are promising. My strobe light failed, so cannot set it finally,but will go for test ride.

Those you have this installed (Paul?), where you placed your unit on the bike? Looks to me good place is on battery, but will require some additional work while removing or changing battery.

CB500/550 / Electrex rec/reg on CB550K1
« on: September 28, 2019, 02:18:20 PM »
Hi all,

as a part of investigation of improper charging I tried to replace stock rec+reg by combined unit from Electrex

With stock mechanical regulator and charged battery I have 14-14,4 until 6k RPM then it drops to less than 13. When RPMs are back down, voltage again increases back.

Suprisingly, with new Electrex unit it looks it charges less than stock. I have 13-13,3V but stable level.

Measured with lights on.

Anybody with experience with Electrex RR24? Is that normal behaviour?

Strange is that accroding to their website, CB500K or CB550K is not listed on this product, but I assume regulators are the same for CB500K1/2, CB550K1 and also CB550F CB500K3.
The same unit they sell for CB750

CB500/550 / Normal fuel consumption for 550K1
« on: August 31, 2019, 08:25:25 AM »
I want to xcheck, what's your normal fuel consumption on 550K (K1)?

After weekend spent with 550 I can say I can do 125 miled per 10 liters of gasoline.
That gives 5L/100km.

Was riding alone with light luggage on rear seat

Tricks & Tips / Head light conversion from sealed beam to H4
« on: August 05, 2019, 10:45:39 PM »
Those who have US import may still have sealed beam headlight that has quite low light output power (at least for me, very insufficient, even rated 40/50W) and "position light" in front indicators (that are consuming significant energy - 8W each)
I wanted to convert to OEM Honda but stock H4 headlight insert is pretty expensive (Stanley) if found. Fortunately, there is pretty good and cheaper solution I just tested on my CB550K1.

I was looking quite some time for good replacement insert (H4) but all I found on ebay were either not known brand to me (=no big trust) or pricey..
Finally I found Hella on amazon on pretty good price (free shipping) :
It is Hella H4 insert for continental Europe - right hand driving (Hella P/N 002 395 – 071) that is 1:1 replaceable with sealed beam. It comes with "parking bulb" already inserted in and sealing rubber cap (to protect from dust and moisture).

One note for people taking care all details - Hella insert is glass, but almost flat, compare to convex stock sealed beam / H4.

So, if you decide to go for:
Only what you need to source additionally is H4 bulb (I highly recommend Philips X-tremeVision moto) and make 2 short wires to connect "parking bulb"  that connects 6.3mm terminals on parking bulb to bullet male terminals (+12V and ground). So, female 6.3mm terminal on one side and male bullet terminal on other side.
For UK - look for left handed drive alternative at Hella website (different P/N!)

US import bikes have position light in front indicators - those can be now deactivaed - on my CB550K1 - simply unplug Lb/W and O/W front indicators wires from terminals in headlight and connect new "parking bulb" Lb/W or O/W terminal and connect additional wire from ground (green terminal) to parking bulb.

in total, it is almost energy neutral:
- US setup is 2x8W (position lights) + 40W low beam = 56W
- new H4 Setup is 4W parking bulb + 55W low beam = 59W

3W delta can be compensated by swapping rear tail bulb 21/5W by LED one...

as I understood from other posts here or from another sources, in principle any standard 7'' H4 insert should fit, not necessary Hella only.

I forgot to take some pics, I'll do and post here next time I open headlight again.

CB500/550 / 550 K1 : up-shifting issues (mostly low RPMs)
« on: August 05, 2019, 09:46:31 PM »
Time to work on another iusse I'd like to fix (low prio till now).

I have shifting issues on lower RPMs, typically when cruising in city traffic or smooth ride (slow acceleration, shifing on low RPM up to 3-4k)
It is almost impossibble to shift up from 1->2, 2->3, 3->4 nomal way, practially always neutral appears (between 1 and 2) or false neutral between 2-3 and 3-4.
4->5 usually works

When I shift, I move lever all way up and feel I cannot move more, like there is some block, more force does not help, so only neutral is engaged. If I try to keep it lifted up longer I feel block is released and upper gear is engaged, but not always. Most of the time I have to release cluch and lever, then press again clutch and then i can shift from neutral to upper gear.
You can imagine it is very annoying when starting from traffic lights, you want to be fast, but then 1-neutral-2...shame ::)

What is strange, shifting 2->3, 3->4 works fine in higher RPMs (stronger acceleration), or at least I don't observe it. Shifting 1-2 in higher RPMs is not perfect too (neutral appears) but better than in lower RPMs.

Donwnshifting is OK, all gears, all RPMs.

Clutch works perfectly, very smooth.

I suppose this is not just a  standard "feature" of 550.
Was thinking if it can be related to oil used?
I use mineral MOTUL 4T 3000, 20W 50, the same as on my CB750 K7 (that works perfect)

Any other ideas?
Should I be worried that I need to open engine? It was not open yet, 15.000 miles on the clock.

CB500/550 / CB550K1 - intake manifolds - Honda quality???
« on: July 30, 2019, 11:00:19 PM »
Hi all,

when troubleshooting my k1 mix issue, I was replacing also o rings between manifolds and head and also putting new rubbers between manifolds and carbs.

When I removed manifolds I was quite surprised:
1. pipe that connects to carb#2 (btw the one I still have issue with probablly? rich mix) is machined the way that grooves for insulator rubber are quite deep on one side and almost no grooves on another!!! How this cold pass quality check?? I'm looking for another manifold, see my post in "seeking"

2. "intake holes" inside manifolds are not really centered, I woould understand certain tolerance but this? Looks too much to me. Like that every cylinder will have different conditions for intake. Maybe at the end it does not influence 'standard" engine like this but still
So another reason I'm looking for another 1-2 manifold (3-4 is not perfect too but bit better)

Pics for better understanding attached, your opinions/experiences welcome!


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