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Spotted these a few years ago but lost the link when I had a hard drive crash.

These are custom made and are case hardened more than the original spec Honda ones, the middle selector is almost impossible to find these days and whilst these ain't cheap I've seen OE forks go for almost as much and these should be longer lasting and possibly even cure the problem the 500 suffers with on burning the fork tips out.

Also does a really nice copy of the grab rail in case anyone fancies putting one on their bike, my missus finds the rail very handy so I'm sure your partner will too.

Cost is 150 euros each fork but the last time I asked he offered all 3 for 375 euros. You can find the occasional left fork but the right fork is also getting very hard to find these days.

Desperately Seeking!! / CB550F grab rail
« on: July 17, 2019, 04:27:14 PM »
Anyone got one, I rather stupidly sold mine a few years ago and have just decided to restore the bike so I'll need one. Still got all the indicator bits luckily so just the rail. NOS would be great, so if you see one advertised let me know please.

There was a firm in Italy making repros out of stainless I think but can't find the website now  :(

CB500/550 / 30 years of storage later
« on: July 17, 2019, 12:07:56 PM »
A few weeks ago I got a letter from the council regarding a garage I have rented for around 35 years now. The garage is a couple of streets away and I only use it as a storage locker really as everytime I went to put a car in it the access was always blocked, didn't matter how much I complained to the council I could never get a car in there, so in 1989 I stored my fully restored CB500Four in there, it had just gone through a bad winter and the road salt had eaten away all my chromework I'd just had done, TBH I was mad at it for letting me down and rotting, yeah don't make sense that does it but I was so annoyed I just covered it in a preservative and threw it in there. Over the years it gradually got buried under stuff, to disguise the fact it was in there in case anyone broke in I dumped 5 rolls of loft insulation around it so it couldn't be seen. A few years after that the council decided to change the doors on the garages from wood to metal, trouble was like all council jobs they did a piss poor job and there were gaps under the door on mine which let rats in. I didn't know about the rats until a few years ago when I went to get something out of the garage, the smell hit me straight away, it reeked of rat piss. Whilst I was putting stuff in my car I spotted a large rat going into my garage through the open door. I took my 2 cats round to sort the little buggers out but even though they were good ratters they ran off rather than go in the garage. And so this is how it was left for years.

The letter from the council asked me and all the other garage owners to attend this morning at 10am to open up their garages so they could sort the rat problem out. So off I trotted this morning to see what they would do. I opened my garage up and everyone there just drew back, the smell was unreal, the council lads then asked if I wanted to dump anything from the garage and I decided to virtually dump everything as the rats had been at most of it anyway. At the back of the garage was my 500 four, I dreaded seeing it as I thought it would be chewed to bits but it wasn't too bad TBH, the council fella picked up one of the bags of loft insulation to dump and 5 rats ran out of it, they'd been using them as a nest and in total we counted 17 rats, some small (2 of which we hit with a shovel and killed) and some pretty large. We emptied the garage and wheeled my bike out into the sunshine for the first time since 1989, it was covered in bits of loft insulation where the rats had been gnawing into to make the nest. There was quite a bit of rust and corrosion but all in all it's lasted reasonably well. It was stored minus rear mudguard, exhausts, seat, tank and panels but the rest was still there. It's going to need a lot of TLC but at least I can work on it in the garage now. They've put poison bait down inside the garage which we'll monitor.

Took some pics, whilst I was cleaning the bike I spotted 2 more small rats (which we killed) in the insulation lying on the floor, I took a pic of them trying to climb the walls but it's a little blurry.

I've cleaned up some of the bike now, the toolkit bag had just rotted away with the rat piss, this also rotted the metal gauze over the air filter on the tooltray, some of the tools are rusty but some are fine, threw the battery as it was junk, Lester wheels have paint flaking off them but still turn freely, braided lines are ok except for the front banjos going into the calipers, these are probably going to need replacing. Some of the chrome looks really bad, headlight rim looked gone but I just touched it with a screwdriver and it came away leaving bright chrome underneath, a lot of the apparent corrosion is the preservative. Area around the clutch casing had a lot of alloy corrosion, I think the rats had been using it as a toilet and it's left it really furry as a result but it's still solid, going to need to dismantle the engine and have the cases etc powder coated again. Swinging arm which I'd had chromed looks pretty bad, we'll see how that comes out later. My Pirelli Phantoms still had air in them and looked ok TBH but I'll need new tyres.

One good bit of news, found a good seat in there, rats hadn't touched it so that can be reused. Anyone know of where to source some new gauze for the air filter cover?

And this is the mess the rats made.

Announcements / 25th Anniversary
« on: July 02, 2019, 12:20:35 PM »
I was wearing my SOHC T shirt I bought some years ago from the site yesterday and it suddenly dawned on me that it was marked 1994-2014 20th Anniversary, that was 5 years ago so my maths  ;D ;D ;D tell me that we are now in the 25th year of the SOHC site opening. I can't have been the first to have spotted that but no one seems to have mentioned it.

Misc / Open / Does this look like Candy Gold Custom to you?
« on: December 11, 2018, 02:19:55 PM »
Hunts advertising a new CB1100ex done in 1969 CB750 colours.

Personally I think it looks nothing like it but maybe I'm wrong.

CB500/550 / CB500 side panel badges
« on: November 20, 2018, 04:49:27 PM »
I've got a few of these lying around, some are unbroken and some are snapped in two. The other night I was bored and decided to see if I could fix the broken ones as they were generally in decent condition with just some touch up required on the black paint parts.

So I dug out some panel badges that Menno had kindly sent me for a little project I was working on, there were the parts there for most of 3 badges. It was only when I went to reassemble them that I found all the badges had broken in exactly the same place, so much so that finding the parts which fitted together was a matter of fine fitting them and seeing where the break lines matched up. They all seem to break at the bottom of the U in the FOUR part of the badge, looking at it this is clearly because this part is much weaker than the rest as only the bottom of the badge is connected to the rest, all the other figures/letters are bonded top and bottom, this is probably caused by the badge being caught by the polishing cloth and it breaks the badge without you really seeing it as the 3 studs are holding it in place, only later does it come apart as vibration causes the parts to separate, leaving you to wonder how that happened.

So this got me thinking, how can this be stopped, especially on badges which have been repaired and thus are much weaker in this area as a result. The only thing I could think of was to reinforce the back of the badge, maybe some strong webbing attached to the back of the badge would work, couldn't really find anything suitable. Then I thought how about a very thin metal plate the same shape as the badge but very slightly smaller so it couldn't be seen. It would need to be cutout where all the original holes are in the badge of course so the panel colour shows through the holes like the original badge allows, would also need 3 holes for the locating pegs to go through. Bond this to the back of the badge with some epoxy glue for instance and it should make the badge so rigid that it shouldn't break again.

I could make these plates but it would be much simpler if someone on here was already working with sheet metals which could be stamped out en masse.

Anyone willing to give this idea a trial run, shouldn't be expensive to make and would be easy to sell on E-Bay I reckon.

CB500/550 / Restoring a 500 back mudguard
« on: September 25, 2018, 09:20:49 PM »
Bought this mudguard a while ago now but haven't done much with it until today.

Came like this, I had a small play with it seeing how bad the rust was on the underside as you can see.

So today I finally took some time to remove the rust underneath, came out like this

Tomorrow I'll prep it and cover the underside with some zinc paint, I'll block the tunnel at the base and fill it will zinc paint so that gets protected as well.

After that I don't know what i'll do with it, might sell it, might keep it for one of my 500s although I still have a NOS rear guard but it's the 3 hole type not the 4 hole like this one.

I think it came out rather well.

Site Feedback / FAQ / How to... / Site not secure message
« on: September 24, 2018, 08:59:03 PM »
Is this correct?

I keep seeing not secure on the address line, just before the www.sohc part.

Is it something that costs money to fix or is it ok as we don't really put anything sensitive on this site, although we do list e-mail addresses and such.

Misc / Open / CB550F in TV advert, anyone spotted it?
« on: February 12, 2017, 01:36:51 AM »
Saw an advert for some Russian sounding jewlery firm, Swarzolof or something like it, there are 2 bikes used, one is a silver CB550F, not sure if it's an F1 or F2 but looks to be an F2 to me. The other is I think a Kawasaki Z650 or something like that, also painted silver.

Nice to see the old bikes getting some air time.

Desperately Seeking!! / Broken 500 four side panel badges
« on: January 20, 2017, 07:08:35 PM »
I'm after some broken side panel badges as fitted to the CB500K model. Namely I'm after the orange insert inside the large F on the badge, it's for a little project and I'd be grateful if you could let me have them. Not bothered about the rest of the badge, just the orange F.

Misc / Open / Anyone know anyone with a 3D printer?
« on: January 16, 2017, 02:34:49 AM »
I'm looking for some custom work to be done

I want some side panel badges like the 500Four on the CB500K1 etc but with a twist.

So whoever it was would also have to be able to scan in an original badge and then alter it slightly in order to get the look I want. It would have to be done in something like the original plastic, not sure if this is ABS plastic or not. I could then get them chrome sprayed etc to match the original look.

Maybe asking a lot but if you don't ask you don't get.

Thanks in advance.

Misc / Open / Welding needed, ability to weld alloy a must. North West
« on: October 29, 2016, 04:57:32 AM »
I want to have some alloy welding done. The guys local to me charge the earth so I was wondering if anyone can recommend someone who can do the job, somewhere in the North West, around Manchester would be ideal.

I also want some smaller jobs done, one involving welding thin tubular steel like that found on pannier brackets, presume that means TIG? Must be good, am prepared to pay, just want my moneys worth.

Misc / Open / Had a flight in a WW2 airplane today
« on: July 19, 2016, 08:09:06 PM »
Always wanted to have a go in a Spitfire but unfortunately it's impossible here in the UK even if you can find one which has been converted to a twin seater. Seems that the CAA deem the Spitfire to be a single seater and as such they will only allow the twin seater Spit to fly with a passenger for special reasons, so mainly TV shows and such.

My daughters got me a flight in a WW2 Tiger Moth as a consolation and today it finally happened after some cancellations due to weather and such. Weather today was perfect, very hot and very little wind. Got there at 0900 and decided that I'd upgrade the flight so that I got more airtime. Whilst going through the pre-flight instructions the pilot taking me comes in and asks if it would be ok to deviate off the standard flight path as he wanted to get a spare part for another aircraft from another airfield not too far away. He says it will mean more airtime for me and 2 take off and landings instead of one. Seemed a good idea to me so off we go.
Took off from Darley Moor airfield and quickly climbed to around 600ft, had a little go at flying it myself and did ok. Little worrying that I spot a helicopter coming toward us and says to the pilot (who's in the rear seat BTW) hey look a helicopter, to which I get "WHERE" kinda shouted in the mike, just off the right wing I say, is it on the same level as us, no I say slightly higher, where is it now he says, I look around and say it's behind us now. So shock number 1. The pilot has never landed at Derby airfield, which like Darley Moor is really just a big field. so it's green, no concrete runways, try spotting that from the air when you don't know where it is :), pilot finally spots it but it takes me a few more minutes before I see it, we land ok, get the part and take off again. We then climb to around 1500ft and I take the controls for a good long spell, bank it too the left, then the right, do a bit of climbing etc, all good fun and very enjoyable it was too. We are not that far from Darley Moor now when the engine starts making some banging noises, I can feel them through my feet first, I think it's maybe something banging on the underside of the aircraft but it's kinda a regular noise, pilot comes on the mike and asks if I can feel the misfire, oh poo I think. He then says I'll grab some height just in case, oh really really poo I think, visions of a fiery death are running through my mind, I'm gonna be on the news tonight I'm thinking, the misfire gets worse, stuck valve says the pilot when I ask, I can see the airfield off to our left now, pilot contacts the airfield and requests priority clearance for a landing just in case, my underpants are getting a bit full by now I imagine. But the landing was fine, just glided down really, no sweat. A few pics and a nice framed photo of the plane later and the day is done.

Would I do it again? damn right, I loved it to bits. Weird thing was that I never knew that the Darley Moor motorcycle track was part of the same airfield until we flew over it and I recognised the layout from my racing days, we had a little chat about bikes as we flew over it whilst the engine was banging it's nuts off  :)

CB750 / 87123-300-020B Is this a K0 side panel badge?
« on: December 06, 2015, 11:19:04 PM »
Was trawling the web tonight and spotted this badge on what appears to be a long list of stock from a US supplier. List appears to be current but with the web who can tell. I suspect it is a K0 part as they also have 87123-300-030 but that's listed as a K1 badge and is a LOT cheaper than the 020 version. DS also show the 020B part but price is £150 and special order. This was listed on the US site for $95 which appears to be significantly cheaper even with postage. I've had stuff from this site before BUT I had to get a US member of the US site to order for me and post onward.

If this is of interest to anyone please PM me and I'll pass the link on to you. Don't want to list it here in case it causes problems with people getting in before someone genuinely interested as opposed to someone just buying it to sell on for a profit.

Misc / Open / CB250/350K4 NOS tank etc on E-Bay
« on: July 18, 2015, 05:51:58 PM »
Just spotted this and thought it might interest some members on here who I know like the 250/350 bikes. Not cheap but very nice indeed.

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