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My old bike ntw11j

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Ntw11j Honda cb250k0 where’s my bike

Last taxed 79, last v5 82 probably in bits in a shed or sold on as spares


--- Quote from: Pauarc on January 18, 2023, 02:17:06 PM ---Ntw11j Honda cb250k0 where’s my bike

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Pretty sure that would have been a CB250K2 not K0 if it was J reg. Also it is stated as Gold on DVLA register ... UK K2's were only available in gold but K0's were either Candy Red or Sardine Blue.

Here are some brochure pics. K1 was never sold in the UK.

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Like This was the bike

This one was for sale recently. Wrong colour pinstripe like you old one but not yours as reg. no is different. My mate was thinking of buying it ...must ask him if he did get it in the end.



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