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My old bike ntw11j

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This is the bike as it was

Ooh, bacon slicers on the front wheel,
They were once all the rage - I remember making a pair for a mate when I was an apprentice, then many years later I bought a Royal Enfield 'Continental GT' (1967 E reg) which had them fitted as standard, front brake was still crap though- they were only fastened to the spokes!
Sorry I can't help with your original bike - I was just reliving me yoof!



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--- Quote from: Pauarc on January 18, 2023, 02:17:06 PM ---Ntw11j Honda cb250k0 where’s my bike

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Pretty sure that would have been a CB250K2 not K0 if it was J reg. Also it is stated as Gold on DVLA register ... UK K2's were only available in gold but K0's were either Candy Red or Sardine Blue.

Here are some brochure pics. K1 was never sold in the UK.  I had an 'F' reg. second hand one, sardine blue was a very apt description of what the engine casings were made of, bag of rubbish.  Sold it back to the dealer who gave me a very good part exchange allowance on the brand new one pictured here (hopefully). Photo taken 20 mins after collecting from dealers.  Superb machine.

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Don't know why but I always liked the 250K4, maybe because it looked so much like my 500-4, same colour, same clocks etc

I got offered one when I was at Queenies that had my name as the reg and also had the P of my surname. Ken???P it was. £100 at the time for it, wish I'd bought it now.


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