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Well, now the Police bike if finished and has found a new home, it’s time to start a new thread. I must be a sucker for punishment so here goes..

Let’s commence the simultaneous restoration of two early UK CB750 K0’s - AYO 63H and AYO 64H.

There’s a bit of a back story to these bikes, but to cut a long story short I purchased them back in 2016 as dismantled ‘basket cases’ and they’ve sat waiting for my attention until now.

The engines were rebuilt by Graham back in 2018 and have sat in dry storage since then.

The PO had powder coated all of the cycle parts and frame but the finish was frankly awful and the prep work obviously much the same.

So I had the PC stripped from everything back in 2019 and everything properly painted in 2 pack semi-gloss.

I’ve been collecting various parts over the past few years and now I’m in a position to move ahead.

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I have the V5 for one of the bikes, but sadly not the other. So once complete I’ll need to go through the torturous process of trying to get the original registration number re-assigned to AYO 63H by the DVLA.

Hopefully the fact that one bike is registered in my name already will help. Plus the VIN numbers are two digits apart and the reg numbers being consecutive mean they were probably sold by the same suppling dealer.

I also have the original number plate from AYO 63H so fingers crossed..

Anyway, photos of the painted frames and original number plates..

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New phosphor bronze swingarm bearings fitted, new Honda ‘collars’ and everything cleaned and freshly greased ready for assembly.

Also fitted new lower shock bushes.

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Fast forward to today and both engines are back in the correct place. Many thanks to Graham for his lovely work on the engines - I was lucky to get in there before he hung up his engine spanner’s. Hopefully I can do his handy work justice.

Center stands fitted with refurbished hardware, new Honda head race bearings fitted to the refurbished triple tress and satin-painted upper yoke.

Note - this has all happened over the past 2/3 weeks in between other stuff; and progress on these will be slower than normal - so I’ll keep updates coming as & when.

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They look great sitting side by side James.
Im a Nurse, trust me, this won't hurt.....much !!!

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looking good, I'm sure they will be done to your impeccable standard.
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Those engines look really splendid. Look forward to updates. Matt
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Looking good so far James. It's going to get a bit tight in the shed once they start growing parts!
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This is a fascinating resto of the “twins”. I am intrigued to know how after all these years these bikes are under the same ownership. Looking forward to further development.
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This is a fascinating resto of the “twins”. I am intrigued to know how after all these years these bikes are under the same ownership. Looking forward to further development.
There’s actually a bit of a sad story behind this, which I discovered after my purchase of the bikes. It would be inappropriate of me to go into details on an open forum.

They were previously owned by Eamon Malloney who used to be an active member of the forum (before my time).

Steve knows more about Eamon’s history with his collection of bikes, and may be able to shed more light on how he managed to assemble so many special bikes in his collection (including the 1st UK registered 750 which I believe Mick sold recently).

Anyway, it would appear Eamon stripped the bikes, started restoring the cycle parts and then stopped prior to me eventually purchasing them from a bike breakers yard after a tip off from a friend that they had some ‘750’s in parts’.

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It is a sad story but not one that I’m really happy to discuss on a public forum.

I will chat on the phone or via PM if anyone is desperate to know.

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Small progress steps today.

Managed to fit both swingarms and fitted the shocks to one of the bikes.

Also pickup up some painted parts back from the painter - given the state the Uk spec rear light brackets were in, he’s done a lovely job.

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Bit more of a progress update. It’s the small jobs that are bloody time-consuming.

Rear ends on both bikes coming together now. Also fitted the coils, oil tanks, ignition switches, battery boxes and started cobbling together electrical panel parts. I have recessed ignition switches for both bikes but they need refurbishment - so that will be a job for ‘down the road’.

Currently struggling to find nice condition OEM rectifiers for the bikes with the correct ‘no tab’ plastic connectors. May have to compromise a little there.

Both sets of wheels are now laced, trued and fitted with new Conti rubber.

Both batteries are fitted. Rear indicators fitted and wired. Front brake switch/unit on refurbed and fitted.

Rear HM-5RC ‘oval’ UK spec lights are NOS, but both came without the internal bulb wiring - so having to salvage these from the originals and check/refurbish. Brittle 50-year-old Bakelite isn’t fun to work with..may have to resort to some 3D printing if I break them on installation.

Latest progress photos:

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Always wondered what early low volume production lines looked like - here is the answer!

Will the first one to be finished be better than the second prototype?

I envy your enthusiasm and working on two 750's in tandem you lucky fella - living the dream in shed heaven!

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