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400/4 Cam Chain tensioner.

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Having a clear up since the rebuild. While the motor was apart i changed the CamChain tensioner for one of those billet alloy ones. Apparently the OEM ones are still worth something. If anyone is interested in mine...30 quid delivered. Its hardly done any miles... (6200) so apparently Bryan tells me theres loads of life left in it yet!

I can confirm it was like new when i built the engine

Are there alloy ones available for other models?

Just in the process of stripping down my 550, haven’t closely examined my tensioner yet but I know replacements from DS are £££.

Nope, only the 400 horseshoe(does fit the 250/360 G5 i think). As an aside the 500/550 main part is very robust unless messed with

Thanks Bryan, I’ll check the condition of mine tomorrow.


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